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Behind the pastries : Gavé’s plastic free challenge

Respecting and applying the values that I believe in has always been the prime importance for me: to source seasonal products organically grown, coming from the regional farms and possibly in our local distribution channel, with the shortest traveling distance.

It makes a lot of sense to me to try to reduce Gavé’s carbon footprint as much as possible, and it’s not always easy!

Today, I’d like to invite you to discover Gavé’s underlying facts with a small and quick recap of our materials! There is a lot more behind the curtains than the baking process: preserving, packing, transporting and displaying... When possible, we try to avoid plastic and choose an environmental-friendly option, here a few examples:

- Our sticker labels: we get them from “No issue”, a Melbourne-based printing company. They use clean ink and recycled papers, even the stickers and the parcel packaging are plastic-free and biodegradable.

- Our diverse packaging: they are all made out of cardboard and therefore recyclable, and as for the clingfilm it is made of biodegradable cellulose.

- We’ve been asked quite often why we aren’t selling in stores..? The answer lies in three words: “single use packaging” , unfortunately likely to be made of plastic. An environmental catastrophe that we do not wish to be part of!

Soon will be available our Gavé's tote bags! Because we never can have enough of those how-convenient-bags, so easily useful for your weekly market shopping or simply fold into your purse in case of a spontaneous purchase! We’ll create the bags thanks to the help of a Victorian owned & made company, Ecoblancs, which uses recycled materials, and works together with local printers.

Are you also trying to reduce the amount of plastic in your daily life? Here’s our suggestions of great accounts to follow on instagram to get daily tips on zero waste and new ways of consuming in general (also supporting local friends here ;))






If you're curious about the VFMA accreditation or just want to know when and where will be the next accredited farmers market near you,, go visit their website here :)

We hope to see you very soon at the markets and in the meantime, stay safe & recycle !


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