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Discover our Bordeaux: wine, surf & canelés

« Ma ville de cœur », means literally the city in my heart. For me, as you might have guessed, this is Bordeaux.

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Even if I am not originally from there, this town and this region stole my heart a few years back and even the stunning beauty of Australia couldn’t take it away. Besides, this saying takes an even deeper meaning to me since Bordeaux is where I met my life partner Alastair and from there the great adventure of “gavé” started!

Here is a picture of the bakery where I was lucky enough to learn some great skills and recipes: La Fabrique: pains et bricoles. Manu and his son Léo, were very supportive of me and can't thank them enough. If you are there, get a delicious sandwich for lunch, a "mortel aux pommes" for dessert and some cheeky madeleines for the "goûter".

Located in the South West of France, Bordeaux belongs to the region called “Aquitaine”. A region with its own history and worldwide reputed culinary tradition around the food and the wine. The region produces some of the greatest French millesimal every year: the soils are rich thanks to the silt provided by the Garonne river and the air gets some salty hints from the ocean nearby.

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If you ever have the chance to visit Bordeaux and its region, you will understand why it is called little Australia. The waves of the Atlantic Ocean make it one of the hottest spots for surfing in Europe and welcome every year international competition such as the Rip Curl pro of the world surf league. Here, eucalyptuses are replaced by acres of pinewood and the beers & barbecues by magret de canard, Chateau Margaux & of course.. the canelés!

In Bordeaux only, you’ll find the original canelés makers. Some pastry chefs are specialised and have shop dedicated to the canelés. My pastries are definitely inspired by a combination of both the tradition of my hometown, Lyon, known for his generous cooking and the fineness of Bordeaux’s influence. I try my best to bring a little bit of France with every bite!

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If you still wonder what our brand name means, don’t waste any time looking in the dictionary. “Gavé” is a typical expression from the south-west of France and is particularly used by the youth in Bordeaux. It comes from the verb “gaver”: to stuff, referring to the tradition of goose stuffing to make foie gras. It has been transferred into the current language habits as “too much” or “very” and can be used in pretty much any context, “Gavé bon” : very good!

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   Where to get your next French treats?

If this reading whets your appetite, you can come to find us and our all range of treats every weekend at the local farmers' markets in Torquay and Melbourne! Register to our newsletter and we’ll let you on a monthly basis where we will be next! (=link!!)

Last but not least! Our online shop is open every day; we’ll be very happy to prepare your favourite treats and to discuss delivery around the surf coast or in Melbourne area over the weekend!


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