• Pauline Rotsaert

Keep Calm & Buy Local

We are all facing a very strange time.

What strikes me the most is a very uncompassionate behaviour towards one to each other. Being scared is one thing but being inconsiderate and full hatred is another one. Throughout every difficult times, wars, pandemics, what allows humanity to survive is empathy and kindness. Every act of kindness is major, specially during difficult times. A smile can help this poor lady who is alone because her family is too scared for her to visit her. Every little things is important, even if you are frustrated because your holidays oversea is cancelled.

Apart from this panicky behaviour, there is hope.

Hope that now people are moving towards their local producers and a more ethical way of consumerism (if it's a real thing).

Today I am very happy to learn that Farmers Markets are maintaining. It's a real sunshine throughout this foggy flow of information.

It's from now more important than ever to support directly farmers, producers and small business. From the bushfires events to now, showing your support to them it is a strong support towards your community and keep the economy afloat.

I've always been a advocate of local businesses, it's started from my parents specially my dad. He always summons us if we'd buy strawberry yogurt (the berries were not grown in France, and the products from berries to packaging would travel long distances and use so more energy to keep refrigerated). Wednesday morning was farmers market day located in the centre of the town: we'd get our fruits, vegs and cheese, then walked to the bakery to get the bread (2 baguettes because the first one would be finished by the time we'd be home), and some cakes, then the butcher, the fish shop, the wine cellar...each time you would meet all your friends, stopped maybe for a impromptu café at the terrasse…

I've realised because of all that I've developed a strong sense of community and empathy.

Farmers market are essential.

Get to know your farmer, the passion and amount around your food, it will strengthen your community and help yourself to keep you afloat around the mass of hysteria.

Keep Calm & Buy Local.

P.S: We continue to trade as usual, but only going to accept EFTPOS payment to prevent a best hygiene.

We are happy to take orders, and if you are in self-isolation we can discuss about delivery.


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