• Pauline Rotsaert

Praline & other treats from Lyon

Let’s continue our Lyon’s culinary balade. If you have a sweet tooth: this article is for you!

As every town and region has its own “terroir”, Lyon has developed its own sweet specialities. From chocolate to pastry, everyone can find their little paradise.

First thing first, I’d like to start with a speciality that some of you might have seen already in some of my pastries: la praline rose. A pink sugary rock, that you can enjoy in the form of candy, but also find in delicious recipes.

The traditional praline is composed of an almond or an hazelnut, coated with cooked sugar to which a pink colouring was added, giving it its legendary yummy colour!

My favourite is the brioche à la praline, also known as “brioche Saint Genix”, in reference to its birthplace... A simple slice of morning brioche, filled with praline rose, soft, crunchy and dreamy with a cup of coffee!

Another option for the ones looking for the full praline experience: taste praline inside a pie or a cake! The praline pie, or tarte à la praline, is a simple sweet crust topped with pralines, butter and cream. The Lyon’s cake, or gâteau Lyonnais is a classic sponge cake but as you can guess, filled with as many pralines as you like!

If you’ve been following us for a little time, you’d have realised how desserts and snacks are important in the french culture. Added to this, most French will have a sweet breakfast, which makes the list of sweet specialities even longer! If you fancy classic and simple pleasures, the bugnes are made for you! Egg, flour and sugar are the main ingredients but the secret lies in the flavours… orange blossoms, lemon zest and icing sugar to end on a high note!

Finally, if chocolate is your weakness, you won't be disappointed either! You can first try a Palet d’Or, a chocolate ganache tasty blend of cream and cocoa with a slight touch of coffee and topped with gold leaf, mmh! On a more colourful note, you’ll have the coussins de Lyon, another local speciality of chocolate ganache rolled into a soft almond crust coat and coloured in green. The yellow version, le cocon, might look similar but in terms of taste, its inside is a perfect blend of hazelnut, crystallised orange and a touch of Curaçao!

We are so grateful for the creativity and boldness of many pastry chefs, bakers and chocolate makers over the centuries. I’m very lucky and happy to be bringing a little insight of my culture here and I hope I’ll be sharing it with you for a long time!

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