• Pauline Rotsaert

Prune or Plum

"Se prendre une prune" : Get a ticket

I love summer, l’été as we say in France.

Stone fruits , berries... so much choices!

I've been blessed to meet people who shared with me their amazing gardens and orchards.

Last week, I went to Lara into Janita's house to handpick beautiful red plums , so much that I've couldn't imagine.

There is something about plums which makes us all nostalgic. I've deciced to bake them as they make me feel, in very old fashioned way- no 'chi-chi" , no tricks, in a beautiful rustic tart with some aromatic dark sugar. I leave them, marinate, to bring back all their complex perfume and let them be themselves.

To be honnest, it doesn't feel it like I'm doing much, and this is what I reach for. Let the ingredients to talk for me, and tell me how they like it.

I hope that when you take a bit into this rustic tart, you have a thought about your childhood and your grandma who always wanted to cherish you.

I can't wait to get into a new season, to bring you back another piece of memory <3

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