• Pauline Rotsaert

Sweet Autumn melody

Jacques Prevert, French poet and song writer, wrote this beautiful melancholy song about love associates the dead leaves with the regrets. There is something about French romance very special, it's never white or black. Autumn intensifies nuances, colours and flavours. It's the time where the summer love has to prove itself, find it strengh and cherish it.

In France, autumn is associated with "la rentrée" (back to school) in September, chestnuts and the end of the harvest.

You may think that is all downhill from now but it's one of the richest season to explore.

The sweet figs are ripped, apples and pears are flourishing, all the plums are ready to be baked, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts are great companions for all your cooking and pastries desires.

It's the time to experiment textures, sweetness balance and acidity flavours. The colour panel is also so rich from the purple of the red plum and figs pulp, to the yellow and green of pear and apple, to the golden of nuts.

At the moment, I'm been to blessed with amazing fruits graciously shared with me.

One of my favourite association is the Pear harvested in Jan Juc and Brittany style homemade salted caramal (with Fleur de Sel). The introvert sweetness of the pear is amazingly complements by the delicate creamy caramel to finish with a hint of salt melted into the texture of the fruit.

Pear & Salted caramel Cake

What are your inspirations for this new season?

Les Feuilles Mortes, Yves Montand, text by Jacques Prevert and Joseph Kosma


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